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Victoria A​ntiques

Laurel of James 1st 1603-1625​

A very high grade in my opinion, this coin is a good VF

A very pleasing example of this portrait.

French Bronze (Boy with violin)

Bronze by J Garnier 1853-1910 with foundry stamp.

Number 1803 on the base.

Superb condition , 19th cen​tury, 41cm high.

1899 sovereign pendant

30" square belcher chain, 9ct gold on a 9ct gold filigree style pendant and central full sovereign

The pendant disc size is 2" accross

Isle of Wight studio glass signed "Seascape" vase

This stunning piece is from the "Seascape" selection

signed by Johnathan Harris, son of Michael Harris who started this amazing glass company, 

Situated still on the Isle of Wight.

Standing 32 cm high by a  79 cm circumference.

Weight 5.150 kgs

Freepost/free insurance to UK customers

Seascape vase