Mdina “Ming” bottle vase, signed

Mdina “Ming” bottle vase, signed


Mdina signed glass vase

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This is a stunning Mdina “Ming” bottle vase.

with green and blue swirl designs, depicting the sea of Mdina (Malta)

measures 20cm x 14cm base

This design was not designed by Michael Harris but this particular piece was purchased in the early 70s in Malta at Medina glass when the couple we purchased it from were on there honeymoon. Michael Harris happened to be there and they asked him to sign it for then. You will see from the photograph, the base reads Micheal Harris, Mdina glass,Malta. A very unique piece.

Michael Harris founded Mdina glass in 1968 (he had previously been a lecturer in industrial glass design at the Royal College of Art) He left Mdina glass and started up Isle of Wight studio glass in St Lawrence,Ventnor.
His son Timothy Harris  now runs the glass factory in Arreton on the island.




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