Happy Birthday John 🥳🤩

Who is lady Russell?

So this is the elusive Lady Russell- on the back of this picture is written Lady Russel? Any ideas any of you out there 🧐👀 she arrived in our shop in Shanklin only a few days ago and settled herself in our cabinet😀

Isle of Wight festival

Yes the island has lots of festival goers wandering around Shanklin this morning.. no sign of rain so looks like fun to be had and no sign of many wellies in town this year 😎The Isle of Wight festival has Liam Gallagher on later and Tom Jones singing at the festival too👌

Are you looking to sell?

We are looking to buy gold.. if you have any you wish to sell, contact us- we are here in Shanklin and on the end of the phone or laptop!

Wow look at this!

Look at this fabulous platinum ring we have acquired today! It has 11 fabulous diamonds (approx 2cts in total) it will be going on our website soon … keep your eyes peeled for this in our jewellery section. It will of course be at a very tempting price. We are reputable people, and happy for […]

The scooter weekend!

Victoria antiques is looking forward to seeing all the fabulous scooters coming over to the island this weekend! This years events are being held in Sandown and Ryde from Thursday 26th through to the Bank Holiday. A busy weekend for Isle of Wight businesses. We will be open on bank holiday Monday for those of […]

Want to know the value of your items?

We are looking to buy!.. we have no wholesalers so we depend on you..the public for our “stock” If you are looking for a valuation on your items, then why not pop in our shop or contact us.. you have absolutely no obligation to sell to us…….we are happy if you just want advice…

Italian music box

This stylish Italian carousel music box cigarette holder would stand on a table at parties ( or Festas as they are called!) Today it can be used to store lipsticks on a dressing table while listening to the Lara’s theme from Dr Zhivago.

Victorian fashion..

We have a fabulous Victorian muff chain which ladies, and some men would thread through a fur muff. Men eventually were using them by 17th/18th century although it was an indicator of effeminacy in those days. Samual Pepys would often borrow his wife’s to wear on his travels. Our muff chain for sale is 14ct […]

The Times newspaper 1815

Look what we found in an old cupboard ..this newspaper from 1815 -it was at the time of the Battle of Waterloo- so interesting news. Note the price of the paper which was 6d. This price today would be equal to £100… would you pay that for a news paper?!


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